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Linux Dedicated Apache Webserver Hosting

Sixthstar Technologies is a leading global Dedicated Hosting server solutions provider based in Chennai,India and extending their services into kuala lumpur, malaysia. We provide managed and unmanged dedicated hosting servers, chennai & India based Windows and Linux VPS using various virtualization technologies. Dedicated Hosted Server Application on cloud hosting at Indian dedicated hosting server. Other services like SSL Certificates & anti-spam solution are available with 24 x 7 x 365 telephonic and online support.

In Sixthstar Technologies Dedicated Apache Server Hosting in Kuala lumpur,Malaysia has been the most popular dedicated web server hosting on the Internet. A dedicated hosting server allows the hosting of html documents in the form of an intranet or website.

Dedicated Apache web server hosting is, by far, the most robust web server option available for use on a Linux dedicated server hosting. Apache is used on millions of Linux dedicated web servers hosting in worldwide. It’s source code is open source and distributed under the GNU Public License. On top of that, it's provided at no cost! Dedicated Apache Hosting Servers provides your dedicated Linux server hosting with a web server solution for both the standard HTTP and the secure HTTPS protocols. For the user who prefers a Microsoft Windows platform, Apache runs on that, too!

Dedicated Apache Server Hosting is the backbone to almost all Linux Dedicated Linux Server Hosting and Local server solutions because of the various configuration options available with it. Dedicated Apache server hosting provides the extremely useful and powerful Virtual Host function, which allows your Dedicated Linux server to hosting multiple domains and sub-domains from the same server, whether they are on a shared or static IP address. It's configuration hosts the primary configuration for the system's web server as a whole, and the .htaccess function can be used to provide configurations for both individual sites and even the individual directories accessible on those websites.

Being the most popular dedicated web server and zimbra hosting software for Linux dedicated hosting servers is hard. In this age of technology, vulnerabilities are found in many software packages, and while Apache is not exempt from vulnerabilities, Apache does have an extremely dedicated staff of developers that release patches to vulnerabilities in an extremely short time. You can rest assured that your Apache web server – and your Linux dedicated server hosting as a whole -- will be secure and stable, and that if any vulnerabilities are found, the security holes will be fixed quickly and provided at no additional cost.

Sixth Star Technologies in Malaysia also offers highly reliable, functionality–driven and secured data center services in India, Singapore & US locations. We work with an aim to help our customers in acquiring reduced overall ownership costs and optimized risks of down time without putting compliance and security requirements on stake.